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Yagi Antenna 5G ready Log Periodic covers everything from FirstNet (695 MHz) to 6 GHz Yagi Antenna Broadband enough to cover FirstNet, Industrial IoT and 5G Ideal for Private LTE networks at CBRS 3.5 GHz Popular for wideband scanner applications Rugged construction, easy installation [...]

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Getting on top of your driver safety

As a business owner of a heavy vehicle fleet, or any size vehicle fleet, knowing your drivers and vehicles are safe and operating within the law should be giving you peace of mind. After all the responsibility falls on your shoulders right? However, how do you ensure your drivers are [...]

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Lone Worker Solutions

Lone Worker Solutions A reliable Lone Worker solution improves employee safety and helps meet your duty of care! Step Global's PlusDuress lone worker solution is currently used in Councils and Municipal work, and is suitable for other industries like Utilities and Healthcare. PlusDuress is easy to use, affordable and reliable. [...]

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