PCTEL Distributor Australia

Step Global is proud to be an Australian PCTEL distributor. PCTEL is a leading global provider of wireless technology. Their mission is to enable wireless connectivity for its customers. It does this with a wide range of innovative antenna systems and Industrial IoT devices. PCTEL designs, develops and manufactures industrial-grade products that enable their customers to deliver the critical wireless connectivity organisations depend on.

PCTEL endeavours to meet the unique needs of their customers with superior quality, purpose-built antenna solutions. Their antenna product portfolio includes WiFi and Bluetooth antennas, public safety antennas for critical communications, cellular antennas, ISM, LoRa, and LPWAN antennas, and GPS and GNSS antennas.

For over 25 years, PCTEL engineers have applied their experience and expertise to solving wireless challenges. They work in close collaboration with their customers and distributors to design and deliver products to meet the specific needs of the industries they serve. Providing solutions to a wide range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, public safety, transportation utilities, wireless telecom and military.   

At Step Global, we expand upon PCTEL’s already impressive range, providing custom designed antennas for specialised applications. We work with you to design and create custom solutions that fulfil all your communication needs.

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Step Global is owned and operated in Australia. This allows us to make international brands accessible to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.