Since 2009 we’ve been supporting our customers through the supply of technology leading products. Initially it was just the resell of Trimble Navigation OEM products. Over the years we have grown both our product offering as well providing engineering know-how in the application of those products. 
Whether it be application knowledge and systems design, to off-the-shelf products or a full turn-key design of bespoke systems (hardware and software), our focus has been to either build, create or integrate to meet our customer’s needs.
Today Step Global has 3 distinct businesses.
1. Step Global Products Business
  • This business focuses on the Value Added Resale of a range of quality products from globally recognised manufacturers – see our Brands.
  • Step Global provides a wide range of services around these products from:
    • full 3rd party logistics support
    • applications support
    • product provisioning
    • system design support
    • training
    • repairs and maintenance
    • extended warranty
2. Step Global Solutions Business
  • Step Global provides engineered solutions focused on the real time management of mobile assets
  • This includes full system architecture design through module integration and software development
  • We specialise in developing both hardware peripherals and software applications
  • Our development technologies cover:
    • Wireless communications and networks
    • Video capture and analytics
    • RFID, UHF and NFC
    • GNSS, position, velocity, time
    • AWS cloud services
    • Android Apps
    • Monitoring and Reporting portals
3. Full System Products
  • Our AMS (AVL Management System) is a software product, either on premise or cloud service, that can manage hundred’s of thousands of Asset/Vehicle location devices. It has a highly scalable architecture and can be quickly updated to add different protocols, both from mobile devices and to 3rd party servers. It can be a single instance or a fully redundant system with mirrored databases for maximum data integrity. It currently supports Trimble TAIP, CalAmp PEG and custom Iridium protocols.
  • NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) specified Electronic Work Diary. This is a complete system that does away with the paper log book for heavy vehicle drivers. It is an App, currently available on the Android Playstore and soon to be available from the Apple App Store, that assists the driver to accurately record both work and rest times. All records are kept on our AWS cloud services to ensure record integrity for the required 3 years.
  • SmarteDriver takes the next step from the NHVR EWD solution to providing a range of advanced technology to further improve safety of heavy vehicles on the road. This includes Advanced Fatigue Management, Advanced Driver and Vehicle pre-start checklists, and Mass Management.