CrashBoxx by CalAmp

Improve vehicle triage in the field by predicting auto physical damage at the moment of the crash enabling insurers to determine whether the car is repairable or a total loss. Expedites triage and desk-based adjusting with automated, real-time reporting on parts required for repairs.


  • Lower total costs for insurance providers
  • Helps avoid costs associated with towing and storage
  • Claims are resolved up to 80% faster with automated processes and improved data accuracy
  • Expedites the claims process

How Is CrashBoxx Different?

We are measuring force

We are not using a single threshold breach condition based on acceleration, which is typical in the telematics aftermarket.  To measure force we need acceleration from the device and the vehicle dynamics, which we get from the VIN.

We classify each crash on a severity scale

We measure crashes on a five point range; very light, light, moderate, heavy and very heavy

Reliability. We achieved 96% system reliability

We have measured reliability in two ways:
a.System level reliability – comprises the entire machine to machine stack involved in capturing, discriminating, characterizing, transporting and rendering the crash report.
b.Crash algorithm reliability – describes the reliability of the crash algorithm itself.  We have recorded 37 false positives out of 12 million cycles (or operations of the crash algorithm) or 2.9 ppm


Independent Testing, Certifications & Industry Recognition

Customer Testimonial

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