Smart video monitoring for heavy vehicles

Powerful cloud-based platform   
Live and historic video footage
Monitor, alert, report, respond
 Standalone or integrated into existing systems 

Asgard brings clarity, safety and proof of service to your fleet.

Live and historic video monitoring 
Video-based evidence of operations, safety and compliance 
Video-based alerts 
Video integrated with telematics
Intelligent video capture
Efficient reporting 
Fast and accurate response 

How Does it Work?

Asgard is a cloud-based portal for viewing and analysing video footage from heavy vehicles. It is compatible with the full range of Hikvision NVRs and DVRs, as well as IP and analog cameras. 

Video can be recorded from multiple angles, allowing for a full view of the vehicle activity. The footage is then uploaded to the cloud via 4G or WiFi, and can be accessed via the Asgard portal. Footage can also be viewed live.

Capture and Analyse

Driver Behaviour

Fatigue driving, mobile phone use, smoking, distraction, unbuckled seatbelts, driver exception or wearing sunglasses.


Left/right turning, braking, reversing, lane departure, impacts, bin lifts, theft or vandalism or customised events.

Search functionality unlike any other on the market.

Asgard is configurable to identify specific events and will automatically upload all footage to the cloud.

Footage can then be analysed based on search parameters. You can even use Asgard to drill-down to a specific address or location.  It’s extremely customisable.

 Search by event eg. bin lift, impacts, theft or vandalism
Search by location eg. street address, suburb, state
✔ Search by time and date 
✔ Search by vehicle
✔ View live footage

Specific events search

Drill-down to footage of specific events such as bin lifts, impacts, theft or vandalism, braking, reversing, left or right turning, lane departure or other customisable events specific to your business. 

View timestamped footage for every instance within your specified date and time range. 

Specific address search

Search for video footage from a specific street address, suburb or state, and further refine with a date and time range.

Provide video evidence of proof of service by drilling-down to a street address level. View footage from multiple angles of service or delivery.

Map trails for customisable event viewing

The map view can show single or multiple trails of vehicles whose metadata has been loaded into the database. An address search is performed along the trail, not just an event. 

Events are marked on the map with different colour balloons and labels, which can be expanded.

Device and vehicle management

Add, remove or modify vehicles and devices. Record vehicle IDs, vehicle registration numbers, driver restrictions, groups and sub-groups, devices, device types, locations and organisations. 

Manage drivers and depots. 

Live View

View live footage from any vehicle in your Asgard portal at any time. 

See footage from multiple angles in real-time. 


Integrate With Your Business

Integrate with Business Processes

Improved utilisation of assets 
Increased customer satisfaction 
Hard evidence of compliance or non-compliance 
Improved safety 
Fatigue management 
Reduction in time off-road for repairs 
Improved training of operators 
Review and upgrade of operating procedures 
Increased profitability 

As Used By

Council services 
Goods transport 
Service vehicles 
Mining vehicles
 Emergency services

Areas of Integration

Operating procedures 
Job dispatching 
Route planning 
Telematics or messaging systems 

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Enquire About Asgard Now