When considering implementing GPS tracking and other telematic technologies, you’ll gain some very valuable insights. Vehicles today can provide data that will assist your business.

However, implementing a telematics solution is only the beginning and rummaging through reports and graphs without understanding the reason why can be overwhelming.

Identifying your risks is a good place to start. Analysing the data to get the best results will be the key to your success.

Put together a list of short term and long term goals. Figure out what needs to be tracked and the measurements required. Get the current situation for you to do your comparisons on then and establish where you want to be with the help of telematics.

The type of industry you’re in will be important to consider. The fleet size, business location, customers, talks and the asset types will be a huge factor in the kind of data you need to monitor.

What’s your fuel consumption for the past year? Are they drivers operating their assets safely. Do you make the most of route optimisation? These are the type of overall questions you may want to highlight the oportunties for improvement.

Telematics can provide you with a strong position and with GPS tracking software and Telematic devices installed in your vehicles you are able to:

  1. Check your fuel consumption and engine diagnostics to find opportunities to reduce and become more efficient
  2. Set up real time alerts on driver behaviour or Geo zoning to monitor if assets are moving to far from their intended uses.
  3. Comparing trip times, such as actual time versus planned times

The best way to get the most out of your telematics solution is to set goals, and review the data over a set period. An efficient and effective solution is one that flexible and can adapt to your changing needs. Telematics provides a way to track what’s happening on a daily basis by gathering data over a longer period and providing you with the comparative data. Giving you the insight to make informed decisions about your fleet and how to get the most out of your investment.

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