In-vehicle communication options being provided by IoT vendors is one of the key factors triggering the growth of the Telematics market.

Technavio market research analysts forecast the global automotive aftermarket telematics market to grow at a CAGR close to 29% during the period 2018-2022, according to their 2018-2022 Global Automotive Aftermarket Telematics report.

Vendors like Calamp are giving consumers access to the best of breed connected vehicle services. These cloud based services are assisting many industries with new ways of increasing efficiencies. Developing enhanced technology, such as better GPS devices and GPS antenna’s assists with better monitoring vehicles. These additional services mean that companies in insurance and finance can mitigate financial risks and reduce fraud using crash event data.

By understanding what happened in a crash event by providing critical evidence will begin to give these companies insight into driver behaviour. Gaining these insights not only helps with identifying cause and effect, better still it can be used for driver education, and ultimately crash prevention.

The Calamp CrashBoxx™ provides reconstructed collision information so that accidents can be analysed within minutes of an incident. This information includes data such as force of impact, direction of impact and speed prior and post to impact.

Therefore, a comprehensive reconstruction of the event, providing both the insurance company and the consumer with detailed reliable evidence around the reasons and causes of the accident.

CrashBoxx™ is a cloud service, which is integrated in with the Telematic devices installed into the vehicle. For more detailed information about CrashBoxx™, speak directly with one of our representative on 03 9551 7334 or send an email to