If you’re a waste management company running many trucks with  hundreds if not thousands of waste bins out on sites scattered across the city and suburbs, then you’re probably well aware of the challenges faced with rising fuel costs, lost bins, and maintaining a suitable level of safety and compliance needed across any incidents or customer complaints.

Drivers are potentially placed in situations where they require the functionality to send out alerts, therefore features like in-cab alerts for dangerous driving events or “man down” worker panic buttons for remote assistance are imperative to reduce potentially dangerous and harmful situations, which can be costly. Having the capability to implement features such as GPS navigation, and on board video capture improves driving safety with real-time views.

Combining RFID technology with advanced GPS telematics devices can help you as a waste management provider improve overall waste disposal fleet performance and gives complete control over your waste management fleet.

By implementing a comprehensive solution, which incorporates RFID, GPS and DVR technologies will provide you with full visibility across your waste fleets. Giving you the benefits of:

  • Video based verification ensuring waste compliance is met
  • Improved route planning
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Pickup confirmation reporting
  • Monitoring driver behaviour
  • Reduce loss of bins

Imagine a way of obtaining accurate, scalable and extremely reliable visibility, tracking & identification for your waste management vehicles, managing small municipal bins through to large industrial waste bins, non-powered assets and recycling related activities?


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Capture video and asset data, providing evidence for pickup, drop off, time and place as well as which truck and who was driving the truck at the time.

Resource and asset optimisation

It’s important to understand the bin-to-weight ratio and realise the necessity of planning your collections and bin maintenance with asset tracking and managing container deliveries and repairs.

Safety & Compliance

The Waste & recycling industry is bound to strict rules and regulations. National and local governments are implementing regulatory waste directives, which must be adhered to and reported on. Ensuring driver safety is also a key driver behind increasing Occupational Health and Safety requirements, as well as providing drivers with in-cab alert technology to record on any incidents.

Improved profitability

Loss of bins and waste containers is a direct hit to the bottom line, therefore reducing the loss through tracking and positioning of bins will improve profitability.